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Demo Policy

If you are interested in joining our WebRadio, we would like to know what you have.
With a large amount of DjSet we receive every day, carefully follow the instructions to make sure your DjSet is listened to. 

1) Send your music to our email:
2) The subject line in the email should indicate "Send DjSet"
3) Please include a link to the file(s) using services such as SoundCloud, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Sendspace, etc. 
4) Please include 3 to 4 of your best DjSet 
5) Make sure the file is at a minimum of 192kbps sound quality. We prefer higher but 192kbps is the absolute minimum. 
6) Please include your soundcloud page in the email and a short biography about you Please do not send repeated emails.
If we are interested in your work, we will contact you.
If we decide to want to sign your Djset, we will ask you for a WAV file after discussing the terms.
We appreciate everything that is sent, but please do not contact us continuously.
We will contact you if we are interested in working with you.
7) Music genres will not be accepted: Dance - Edm - Trap - Hip Hop - Hardcore - etc.
8) The WebRadio will have the imprint of Club underground Music:
Techno - MinimalTechno - Tech-House - House - Deep - etc.